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Welcome Team!!
Introducing our new 'Did You Know' page. This page is designed to give you occasional tech tips, tech suggestions, an insight on what technology is on our horizon within the company and an occasional silly tech related item!
This site will be updated 'semi regularly,' no particular time table. Once it's updated, a link will go

out to everyone. 

Yep, it's almost here. What is Papercut?

* No more losing print jobs. You have your own print que. When you want your print job, just enter your code and print. All your print jobs are held for 24 hrs. Also, you'll be able to print your job from any printer OR any office.

* AND.... You'll be able to print from your phone or tablet!

In case you haven't heard, Cox Business will be switching out our modem to the building Friday morning. The reason for this? Well, as Andy grows our company, along with it comes demand. He is doubling our internet speed at ALL the offices! This is needed and I'm sure it's welcomed by you, but please keep in mind this doesn't mean everone's devices will work twice as fast. It doesn't work that way, but you should see a significant change. 

If you haven't noticed it on our company computers, or heard me mention it when 'a browser' is mentioned, Google Chrome is by far the most used browser in the world, and there are reasons for that! Ask me sometime :)

Click the image to the right (image above on mobile) and see an interesting stat.

Imagine if we all would have invested in the iPhone years ago!  Click the image on the left to view. (Image above on mobile) 

Phantom Vibration Syndrome is the name given when someone thinks their phone is vibrating but isn’t.

And I thought it was just me! :)

Until next time, happy selling!

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